Rounded Corner Business Cards


The rounded corner business card dimensions in the U.S. are 3.5″ x 2″. This size of the business card will fit comfortably into wallets, card holders, and small pockets. The standard size for business cards is different in other countries, so it’s important to consider where you will distribute your business cards to have an optimal impression.

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Rounded-corner-business-cardsRounded Corner Business Cards are a modern way to reinvent your business card design, making them more visually appealing with the addition of rounded corners. These custom shapes are perfect for showcasing your creativity and innovative ideas, maximizing impact wherever you use them!

Unique and customizable: with these custom rounded corner business cards, the sky is the limit! Anything you can think of can be added to your print project. These designs are perfect for any industry or occasion that requires a professional appearance.

Rounded corner business cards are much more dynamic than flat, square cards. The rounded corners are designed to draw attention to your contact info, making it much easier for people to find you in a stack of other business cards. This custom option is perfect if you’re looking for unique rounding that isn’t offered in our standard templates.


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